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With your vote I promise to lead a highly effective and reliable team who will provide the best customer service with fiscal integrity.

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Vote for a Strong, Effective Leader for Tax Receiver

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Please Vote For Me to Be Huntington's Next Receiver of Taxes

Throughout my life I have been blessed with incredible opportunities to serve my community. From my years working as a teacher and school administrator, to my current role as Operations Manager for my husband's estate planning and wealth management firm, I have found myself in roles where I can use my skills and background to make a direct impact on people's lives. Today, I am excited to share with you another service opportunity. I will be running for a local government position, the Town of Huntington Receiver of Taxes.

What is most compelling about this role is the opportunity I would have as a public servant to support and lead a highly effective and reliable team who is readily available to provide the best customer service with fiscal integrity and responsible stewardship. My many years of managing teams and building organizations rooted in trust and service leadership have most definitely prepared me to be successful and excel as Receiver of Taxes.

Customer Service with Fiscal Integrity and Operational Excellence

With so many families struggling with the cost of inflation, I support legislation to reduce the higher penalties and fees associated with late payments.

I will offer free workshops to help residents apply for tax exemptions and reduce their property taxes with assessment grievances.

I will enhance technology in the office to reduce costs, improve services and offer user-friendly online platforms for all residents.

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I am reaching out with a humble request to support me in this new and exciting venture! If you are able to make a contribution to my campaign that would be so appreciated. If you live locally and would like to volunteer and participate during the campaign please call or email me.

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